Spring Colour ‘Bio’ Watercolour (38 Colours)

A unique protein binder formulation, where each pigments is blended to give optimum from properties and ease of use. Derived from plant, earth and mineral pigments. 100% natural binding agent, with natural preservatives. Avoid storage in temperatures over 11°C. The ready to use liquid paint paste can be applied to all paper supports, wooden panels, and canvases. Also available – Spring Colour Gesso Ground.

“Bio” Watercolour can be diluted with water as required. Brushes can be washed out with water. Upon drying, the paint film is fixed to the support, but with gentle agitation with a wet brush, the paint coating can be re-worked.
This paint formulation is ideal for use by artists and especially for use in schools, as the dried paint film washes easily form clothes, hands etc with warm water.

The colours from plant bases are presented in a more liquid consistency, due to the nature of the pigments used.

100ml plastic jar* €12

*These small plastic jars are bought as ‘end lines’ from our container supplier. If we did not make use of them, they would be disposed of in landfill. Receive a 10% discount with returned bottles for refill.

Colours Available
Weld Yellow Weld Deep Lemon Ochre Yellow Ochre 4/0 Raw Sienna
Havana Ochre Dark Ochre Venetian Red Sardinian Red Hercules Red
Pozzuoli Red Burnt Sienna Madder Orange Madder Orange-Red Madder “Amaro”
Madder Madder Rose Antique Light Madder Lake Madder Deep
Carmine Red-Violet Carmine Violet Plant Brown Terre Verte Plant Green
Plant Green Deep Cobalt Blue Woad Indigo Raw Umber CPR
Raw Umber FL Raw Umber HG Burnt Umber B Burnt Umber AEK Burnt Umber C
Cassel Brown Cassel Black Charcoal Black Gesso White

Egg-Oil Emulsion

A truly hand-made paint: the special binding holds pigment in a gel paste, with a short, fat consistency. Based on a special emulsion of egg-yolk and stand oil, this ‘fat’ tempera paint is best used diluted 10% with water, to gain semi-fluid paint consistancy. The dried paint film is satin-matt and takes 2-3 days to dry thoroughly. (Contains Citrus Turpentine). Can also be used as a form of oil colour, when diluted only with turpintine. Made in co-oporation with Spring Colour, Italy.

Egg-Oil Emulsion 30ml in Glass Jar. €8

Colours Available
Lemon Ochre, Venetian Red, Raw Umber, Burnt Umber, Roman Black, Green Earth, Cobalt Blue, Woad, Madder, Madder Lake Deep, Weld, Weld Yellow, Carmine Pink, Tomato Red,

Smells like lemon sponge cake!

Raw Drawing Materials

Willow Charcoal
Hand-coppiced, hand-charred drawing charcoal, From North Yorkshire, England
10 sticks per bundle

Sanguine Chalk
Raw pieces of soft red earth, for drawing
Available in 100g and 1kg paper bags
€11.28 per 100g. €37.50 per 1kg.

Grey Slate
Soft, slightly greasy pencil clay
Available in 100g and 1kg paper bags
€11.28 per 100g. €37.50 per 1kg.

Graphite, in pieces
Silver graphite, in small lump form
Available in 100g paper bags

Raw Siena, pieces
Hand-picked soft yellow clay, from Siena Province
Available in 20g paper bags

Indigo pieces
Rough lumps of indigo for drawing
Available in 20g paper bags

“Samuel Prout” Brown Coal, grains
A form of Van Dyke brown, in grainy-powder form. When dissolved in water, provides a warm brown stain, for use as an ink onto paper. As used by the English artist, Samuel Prout.
Available in 100g paper bags

Green Earth, pieces
Rough lumps of green earth, from Bohemia, Czech Republic

Boxed selection of Raw Drawing Materials
6 items €24


Spring Colour Artists’ Soft Pastels (35 colours)

Hand-made and rolled by Pip’s far hands - these pastel are derived from plant, earth and metal mineral pigments. 100% natural binding agent, without preservatives. For use onto toothy/textured paper or board supports. Each pastel stick is hand-formed to an individual recipe. The applied mark has a soft, velvety bloom. Generous chunky stick size: 8 x 35mm.

Landscape Set - 15 Pastel Sticks €52
Life Drawing Set – 15 Pastel Sticks €52
Assorted Set – 15 Sticks €52
Individual Pastel Sticks - €3.50

Colours Available
Weld, Lemon Ochre, Yellow Ochre, Raw Sienna, Havana Ochre, Dark Ochre, Flesh Tint, Venetian Red, Sardinian Red, Hercules Red, Pozzuoli Red Burnt Sienna Madder Red Madder Lake, Carmine Red, Woad/Lem Ochre, Weld + Woad, Weld + Indigo, Cobalt Blue + Lem Ochre, Terre Verte , Cobalt Blue, Woad, Indigo Raw Umber CPR, Raw Umber FL, Raw Umber HG, Burnt Umber B, Burnt Umber AEK, Burnt Umber C, Cassel Brown, Roman Black, Vine Black, Charcoal Black, Charcoal Grey, Gesso White

Drawing Inks

A selection of natural liquid inks, bound in a water-based shellac binder.
20ml Glass Jar

“Bio” Bistre Ink €6
Warm brown liquid ink, made from charred beech soot.

“Bio” Sepia Ink €6
Deep black-brown liquid ink, from Adriatic cuttlefish ink sac - a by-product of the fishing industry.

“Bio” Roman Sepia Ink €6
Blend of sepia ink with carmine lake

“Bio” Iron Gall Ink €6
Processed from oak galls with iron. A deep black violet. Without binding agent: the liquid ink has a corrosive action, whereby it bonds and percolates with paper fibres.


Primavera Artists’ Watercolour in Half Pans (24 colours)

Prepared by hand in the authentic manner using a blend of gum arabic and acacia honey. The colour paste is then poured into half pans, to provide an intense, compact cake of traditional watercolour. Colour lifts easily when a wet brush is applied to the surface of the watercolour pan. Special MATT formulation.

Sets available of 12, in wooden cassette box. €48.50 - Special offer €32 until April ‘08
Sets available of 24, in cardboard box. €80 – Special offer €56 until April ‘08
Half Pan €3.40 each – Special offer €2.90

Colours available
Weld, Lemon Ochre, Yellow Ochre 4/0, Raw Sienna, Havana Ochre, Dark Ochre, Venetian Red, Sardinian Red, Hercules Red, Pozzuoli Red, Burnt Sienna, Madder, Terre Verte , Cobalt Blue, Woad, Indigo, Raw Umber CPR, Raw Umber FL, Burnt Umber B, Burnt Umber C, Cassel Brown, Roman Black, Charcoal Black, Gesso White