Earth & Rowan announces, for the first time, a dedicated selection of fine art products, made without petro-chemical ingredients available in Ireland. Produced in co-operation with Spring Color (Italy), Pip Seymour products (UK) and Irish producers. Together we provide artists big and small with ethically produced natural art products such as – Watercolour half pans, Liquid Watercolour, Egg-Oil paint, Pastels, Inks, Papers, Canvas. Raw Drawing materials including Willow Charcoal, Red Sanguine Chalk, Raw Sienna and Chunks of Graphite.

These special colours have been formulated to give maximum colour expression, using pigments derived from natural compounds. The earth pigments are derived from original mines within the European Union. Our plant colours are naturally expressed from 100% vegetable compounds.
The animal based products are farmed Cochineal, for Carmine Lake and ink-sac of the Cuttlefish for Sepia ink (fishing industry bi-product).The binding systems are derived from 100% natural ingredients without injury in the case of the animal products (milk, egg).
We can also supply the same pigments in dry form – please ask for a listing.
Where possible, we use glass/metal/paper packaging or end of the line recyclable plastic bottles.